Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Time to rise and grind

Got another math class done this morning, these remedial classes feel more like a refresher course because i haven't taken a math class in 6 years. Anyways i passed it, i couldn't figure out a word problem until i was done and went back to it, but i don't think i figured any of them out algebraically, just kind of in my head and common sense. Now I'm sitting outside on this fairly brisk autumn morning realizing that in my rush to get out of the house this morning that I forgot my art supplies. Which isn't a huge deal but always have this voice in my head that says "you want me to carry what on my back all the way up that hill?!"
Since my last post I've been hearing a lot about impressing people especially at work because we were supposed to have regional come in and look at the store but also just in life in general it has come up a lot or maybe just in my head. Either way it has given me some time to think about why we think we need to act different to impress certain people..I don't think I ever have to work to impress someone because if you're going out of your to do it than they are not really meeting you or seeing what you are capable of on an everyday basis. I would rather someone be impressed with the work I do everyday which is usually above and beyond expectations. It all kind of falls back to bring honest, I would much rather someone be upset with me because I was honest than hurt because I lied to improve my image. I'm a business major and have worked enough jobs to know that you have to bend truths a little when it come to select things. Most people just think you're an ass for being honest about everything but that leads into self image and how people see you. Yes sometimes you need to fake a few things to better your position and move up at a job but even then they are not seeing the real you. Let me take this full circle and revert back to PMA, stay true, be honest with yourself and others, and be a grown up. If you need up, well fess up, and guess what? It's something you can learn from.
Sorry for preaching, no you know what, in not sorry. Be the grown ass man/woman that you claim to be and tell the god damn truth. In the end people talking about you might say " oh yes I know them, they can be rude but at least they are brutally honest."
Week recap.
I didn't ride a lot this week, not because of the cold, but because my back has been really tight. Rode to school today and it feels a little better so I'm thinking I need to stretch properly after riding. Went on a decently long hike last Wednesday when class was canceled. We did the rip rap loop but started from the south end so that we hit the view point a little over halfway so we could have something to look at while eating. In all its was a great hike and we had a lot of fun, got the 10 mile loop done in under 3 hours. Made French onion soup for the first time the night before that, it came out great but I was more surprised that I hadn't made it before in all my years cooking. Tonight I'm going to the northface talk at the Jefferson theater, it is a climber talking so it should be a good one! Hopefully. I'm going to feel bad if I drag Celina to this thing and it's boring and sucks. Hope she's okay with me putting her name in this.
Have a good Tuesday! Sun keeps peeking through the clouds here in Charlottesville but it is still a great day to get out and do something.
Stay Prepared.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Football and Hunting Season? Screw that Its Hockey Season!

            I wanted to post on here and thank everyone who reads my blog. There has been an extraordinary jump in readers this week and it really makes me feel that people care. I know most of the people who read here because they're friends or family and they call or text me after they read to ask me about the last post or just to encourage me to continue. You guys are amazing and make me feel as if the things I have to say are actually relevant and meaningful. When I write these I try to write them in the heat of the moment with the experience still fresh in my head and all the things I want to say translated to text as soon as they pop into my never ceasing head. However I find it hard to write when something good is happening or if I am in a good mood because I would rather be enjoying the moment instead of trying to rush back to my phone or my laptop to share with everyone.

             That being said this last week has been great, 2 classes have been canceled in 2 days out of 5 classes. That gives me more time to finish the homework and study since tests are coming up, one class ended Monday which leaves me more time but after this math class ends at the end of the month Ill have a few hours break in-between classes on Mondays where it wont be worth leaving school just to ride my bike back up that hill. Work has been great, it is nice to have something to look forward to that I get paid to do and that I get to help people with ideas to cook, which I love to do. Oh and hockey is back on so I really have nothing to complain about besides every bar having football on tv instead of hockey. I would rather watch the Caps play the RedWings than watch football, which is saying a lot being a Pens fan.

             I have to say though the worst part about this whole move (which isn't really that bad haha) is that I am in school, work, or in my room studying when it is SO nice outside this time of year! On top of that I have to live vicariously through my dad while he goes backpacking and all I get is the update on how fun it was. I don't have any of my camping gear here so I cant take a weekend trip even if I request off of work. However I might have a few plans in the books to take a dayhike this weekend and a day off in the first week of November to get a 10+ circuit hike in which should be really fun. It has been so long since I've taken a decent hike, so you can imagine the excitement if you know how much I love this stuff. I need to go be a park ranger or something haha something where I can be outside everyday and have enough free time to take the trips that I feel I am missing out on.

           One last thing, as always, Keep That PMA

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Turkey Point is Officially Open For Business!

             Since fall break it has been tough to get back into gear with classes, but I guess that is about normal for the middle of the semester. With the weather getting colder it makes me regret taking 9 in the morning classes, couple more layers are required for a brisk A.M. ride especially down the wind tunnel they call Highway 20. Ripped the soles of my vans that I ride BMX in also so the road bike is all I have been able to ride lately which puts a damper on the amount of fun I can have, but there is always fun to be found. I found a climbing gym near my place that isn't too expensive or too extravagant by any means but they have a weight room as well as bouldering and a top rope room as well. It has been years since I have put my climbing gear to use but it might give me the full body work out I need to sleep better at nights.

             I have not met too many girls worth their weight in beer cans since I have moved here, well really for the last 3 years since I've been single. I guess I cant really count the 2 straight years that I spent drunk because I'm pretty sure I chased away more than I caught. That's besides the point though, my last post I went on and on about girls now-a-days and the difficulties of dating in this day and age specifically due to technology and social networking. This may be premature but I might of found one worth the time to give a look at. Its been so long since I've found someone who actually stimulates my mind enough to want to be around that I feel like Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby when Uncle Belvidere revials his motorcycle and he starts it up. Don't worry I'll insert a clip so you can enjoy the moment also.

I really don't have much to say today because I don't want to say too much and regret it, then you'll have to hear me complain more, well read about more complaining more. I've also got a lot of homework, then work, then s certain someone is picking me up from work to go to a bon fire. God I feel like I don't even live in a city anymore. That sucks. Sucks to Suck.

I'll leave you with a joke though. 
What does a fish say as a prayer when his family is arguing around the dinner table?
Dear Cod, Scampi just get along?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Oh Saturday nights, eat the big one

       I'm gonna go on a tangent here about dating for a minute. I don't consider this bitching but just bear with me for this post. Social networking and cell phone I feel have RUINED the ability to date correctly. Especially for young adults who grew up in this technological age where it started with rushing home to fight your brother to get on AOL Instant messenger. You loss all ability to learn how to speak to people in person, the internet gives us this huge false sense of toughness. Not only toughness but this ability to be whoever you want to be and be comfortable talking to people that you have no confidence talking to in person. How many people strike up random conversations with strangers? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Exactly! I went out with a girl tonight who I have been talking to for a little while now, Why is "talking to" a step in the dating ladder now? whatever, we are not dating, we text and have a few things in common. Every time I have hung out with this girl I do ALL of the talking. I walked her to her car afterwards because she parked near Lee Park and I didn't want her walking back by herself. When did walking a girl to her car become more than chivalrous? Ill answer that myself, Because these douche bag DUDES expect that they should get a kiss for just making sure that they are safe in a sort of sketchy block. ( btw, I feel that dude is an insult, what are we retards and cant remember other men's names? When your'e trying to get another mans attention why would you ever run after them screaming "dude?" Is sir so hard to say? do we have no respect anymore?) Back to where I was, I walk home because I didn't want to make this more awkward than it already was by letting her take me home. When I get home though I check my phone and She had text me already, basically asking me why I didn't kiss her when I walked her to her car. My question is though, don't you think I would of if I thought it was the appropriate time?

       I'm going to say this even though my parents and my grandpa read this. Before I quit drinking it was so much easier to pick up girls just like every other guy at the bar. Bourbon makes me louder, more social, and more outgoing. True, these girls probably were not up to my standards sober and vice versa maybe. Also I have Drastically reduced my chances of meeting girls at bars to zero when I have eliminated bars from my most frequented stops on the way home from work. Screw that though! Why would I want to even entertain someone who believes that spending most of a days work at a sticky bar where you have to throw a few bows just to get a beer and a shot.

       I have been single for 3 years come March. I've dated a few girls, nothing longer than a month or 2 in that lapse of time but all the younger girls were ridiculously immature and clingy and all the older ones were even more clingy once they developed feelings. Iv'e been that guy that has pushed too hard before but Iv'e never seen something quite as bad as the last few women I dated.  I have only a few select hours of free time that I allow myself to leave unscheduled every week. Between 30-34 hours of work a week, about 45 hours a week for school work, about 12 hours riding bikes, 56 hours sleeping, I don't have time for the bullshit that comes with dating, I just want to be able to have an intellectual conversation with a female human being that I find attractive. I don't want to baby sit you while your'e drunk or blitzed out of your mind. I don't even want to be around you if you are high, I'm cool if you use drugs, do what you want. I don't judge too hard but nothing is more unattractive than a female with no worldly experience and even less one that has no opinions of their own. Have an Opinion! I don't care if it doesn't agree with what I believe in but it gives us something worth a shit to talk about other than the coffee in front of us, school, or work. The last thing I want to talk about is school and work. I work my ass of while i'm at work, and I study my ass off when I am at my desk. Give me a Break! Give me something to look forward to, make me want to be around you for another reason than a physical attraction, because if whats between your legs is all you have to offer I don't want be in your company. Prove to me that there is something between your ears that has a shred of debate and argument in there.

      I'm done now. Sorry if that was worthless to read but I had to get some thoughts out and voice my opinion on some blights of our society.

      Funny story real fast though. So I started work a week ago, Finally! Well I met all of my co-workers except for one. I met her on Thursday though, She seemed quiet and nice at first. I always give people the benefit of the doubt and learn something about them before I decide if I like them as a person or not. Alright well I'm helping customers and slinging fish like a champ (oh I moved to Seafood fyi) and when it dies down a little bit it comes up that I don't drink. First thing to come out of this girls mouth is "How can you have that many tattoos and not drink?" Jaw dropped, I walk away. Later she asks me "So if you don't drink and don't do drugs what do you do for fun?."  I'm flabbergasted at this point, Then I learn she has a kid! I'm not judging young parents or anything like that but put the jigsaw together here... has a kid + does not know how to have a good time without being one or multiple of drunk, high, blitzed, rolling, tripping, spun, cranked, shitfaced, or shithammered = What are this girls Parenting skills like???

      Now I'm done, hope I got some opinions flowing in your head and stirred up some feelings ( anger, laughter, understanding) or gave you a reason to comment and bitch me out.

    Keep that PMA